I believe we can choose how we respond to life events.

I believe our choices can change our lives and relationships.

I believe with support and honest reflection you will discover the person you desire to be.
The choice of healing is yours!

Perhaps there has been a traumatic event, violence or neglect in your past. You may have turned to a substance or behavior as a way to cope with what you were feeling. Soon the substance or behavior became the only thing that got you through the day. And you feel out of control of your own life.....

Sound familiar?

When you are ready to change the focus of your life.

I believe you deserve a voice to tell your own story...in your own way...in your own time. While I listen to your stories about your life, I am able to see beyond the depression, anxiety, trauma or other issues you are suffering at that moment. We will work together to understand the past and look forward to the future.

You are so much more than past experiences.

I do not like to label my clients as "addicts". Nor do I tell my clients how or what they should feel. Each individual experiences recovery in his or her own way. Yet, there are certain behaviors, changes in thought process and coping skills necessary to be successful in recovery. Supporting these changes are what we will focus on in therapy.

My clients are motivated for change in their lives. My clients come from diverse backgrounds and all walks of life. You are unique individuals. You may have tried to "get clean and sober" before without help and without success. You finally understand that recovery does not happen by chance. To be successful in recovery you must do more than just show up.

The focus of our work will be on your future. However, we will also explore your past searching for acceptance of self and the experiences contributing to the disease or addiction. My hope is that you will learn new skills to help you cope with life in a positive manner.

Recovery is a choice. You need not be defined by addiction.  It is my passion to help you believe in your own ability to change your life.
I believe our future depends on how we respond to the memory of the events that define our lives.
Susan Rigney, MA
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (MFC 47547)
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC 556)