You and/or your loved one may be in crisis due to addiction to a substance or behavior. There are no easy answers for addiction. And contrary to the media, no quick fixes. Recovery takes time, hard work and courage. Each individual has their own unique experiences leading to addiction. Yet everyone yearns to tell their story and be heard...without judgment.

Maybe you want someone to listen to the hurt or anger you are feeling due to a traumatic experience or addiction. Or you need someone to understand the confusion you feel because your life is not all you would like it to be. Perhaps the most important part of the therapeutic relationship is the trust that develops when you feel you are truly heard and understood.

Recovery can be scary and lonely. Trying to live life in a way that feels unfamiliar may be difficult at first. Learning new ways to cope with everyday issues takes time and practice. It is most important to be in supportive and encouraging relationships. You have many choices regarding your recovery: support groups, individual therapy, residential treatment or a combination of these. My goal is to assist you in finding the answers you need to live a healthy, hopeful life...beyond addiction.
Susan Rigney, MA
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (MFC 47547)
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC 556)

If you are living in addiction, I believe you are suffering pain and fear
even those closest to you may not understand.

If you are a friend or a family member watching your loved one struggle with addiction,
you are suffering too.
I believe there is hope!

I believe every person seeking help deserves respect and a safe environment to heal.

I believe you have choices in how you live your life.
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